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Welcome to JTG1942

In 1959, I walked into a hobby store and saw a model train layout on display that peaked my interest. At that time, I was twelve years old and began building my own HO scale trains. Years later in 1984, I started working on a layout of the World War II Eastern Front. The layout took up a 20 x 30 size room in my basement. In 1988, I added more to the layout in a 20 x 20 room. My family and I moved in 1997, and I donated my models to the Booth Bay Railroad Museum in Portland, Maine.

It was several years later when I had time to invest back into my train hobby. A good friend approached me in early 2011, and asked me to build some World War II models. He suggested that I think about putting my trains on eBay. After I got back into the hobby, I took his advice and opened up my own store on eBay. I retired in May 2013, and have been able to turn my interest into an enjoyable full time hobby.

My father was a World War II tail gunner on a B-24 Bomber. I am a Vietnam Veteran, husband, father of four children, and a grandfather to two grandsons.